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Mystic Mortem

Paige’s Custom Earrings Commission

Paige’s Custom Earrings Commission

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please allow 3-5 week processing time before shipping 


Butterly wing earrings in Silver

(Earth tones)

{{item will be delivered before 12/10/2022**}}


These one of a kind hand made specimen earrings are the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.


Each piece is hand selected and curated with intention. 

All specimens are hand selected and ethically sourced from insectariums around the world. Specializing in the conservation of native species to their lands.


Expertly packed for safe shipping. 



-Do not display in direct sunlight

-Do not keep in a humid environment 

-Clean with a damp cloth & dry

-Store hanging up

(no insects were harmed in the making of this piece)

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