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Terms of Services

Seamless & Sublimation Terms of Service:

• Licensing is included as of right now. This is subject to change at a later date.


  • Share or sell the files
  • Share any of my files/PNGs to any platform without a watermark & logo. 
  • Share file links with anyone who has NOT purchased directly through me. 
  • Make or sell digital products with my files
  • Use any of my png / sub files as an element to make another file
  • Alter the files or color over them (removing or adding text is okay though)
  • Post files or mock-ups without a watermark clearly covering the artwork
  • Make and sell stickers
  • Sell decals as a stand alone product (vs making decals, putting them on a cup, and selling the cup.
  • Make and sell embroidered patches
  • Make and sell wood, acrylic, or enamel pins
  • Make and sell acrylic keychains / charms
  • Make and sell art prints
  • Use print on demand websites (unless specified for the specific file OR unless you have a valid contract with me). This includes and is not limited to: printify, printful, redbubble, etc. If you appear to be using a print-on-demand website when not granted licensing, you may be asked to provide proof. If you cannot provide proof, you will be asked to cease sales. Wholesale/manufacturer
  • If you’re caught doing any of these you will be banned from both my group & purchasing from my website. Further legal actions may also be taken.


  • Having a fabric shop print custom fabric for you
  • Having a transfer shop print custom transfers for you
  • Adding or removing text for sub files
  • Fabric shops may buy & print files


Due to the nature of these digital products, I do not accept refunds or exchanges. I am human and am capable of mistakes! If you find any issues with your file, send me an email so I can help you.

File Availability/Exclusivity

Every file I sell is only available in limited quantities and has potential to sell out. When these files sell out, they will not restock for the entirety of the year they have been released. So for example, if a file sells out in 2022, it will not restock until *potentially* 2023 based on popular demand. Files are never guaranteed to restock on later dates.

Logo terms of service:

  • No modifications to line art after approval. 
  • Color modifications are allowed to make sure we get the right fit. 
  • If the finished product is not what you originally hoped for, regretfully we cannot start completely over. Once the outline has been approved, that is final. You would need to purchase another logo to receive another design. 

Standard website returns and exchanges:

I do not except returns for any products ordered from the website. 

If you purchased from a storefront & have an issue with an item you must contact the store owner. 

I do not accept exchanges or cancellations on any products or custom orders. 

Please contact me if you have any problems with your order.