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Hailee’s Customer Shadow Box Commission

Hailee’s Customer Shadow Box Commission

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Western Orb Weaver shadow box

{{Western Orb Weaver is supplied by client}}

—discount is applied 


This one of a kind hand made shadowbox is the perfect addition to your oddities collection.


Each piece is hand selected and curated with intention. 

{{All specimens are hand selected and ethically sourced from insectariums around the world. Specializing in the conservation of native species to their lands}}


~this specimen was ethically sourced by our client

~natural death ,was found & collected 



Expertly packed for safe shipping. 


-Do not display in direct sunlight

-Do not keep in a humid environment 

-Clean with a damp cloth & dry

-Store hanging up or place on table

(no insects were harmed in the making of this piece)

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